High Deductibles To Jeopardize Survival Of Breast Cancer Patients

According to researchers, even women having health insurance, high deductibles might cause delays in them being able to avail facilities to effectively diagnose and treat different forms of breast cancer.

In a study conducted on U.S. women possessing health insurance, the count of whom exceeds 3 million, the researchers

came to the conclusion that those having plans equipped with high deductibles had to wait several months greater than women increasing in plans with low deductibles, when it comes to diagnosis of breast cancer and its subsequent treatment.

Essentially, a deductible constitutes the amount that you mandatorily have to pay for a completely covered package of health service prior to the insurance coverage kicking in. For instance, if a certain plan has a deductible amounting to $1,000, you are required to pay for the covered services worth the first $1,000. As per the findings of this study, it appeared that high deductibles are a potential obstacle for most women, irrespective of their level of income.

Among women belonging to lower income groups, those falling in plans with high deductibles have to wait an average period of nearly seven months more for the diagnosis of an early stage of breast cancer. For women in the higher income categories, the average span of delay was nearly five months as per the findings.

Once successfully diagnosed, women with plans of high deductibles have to wait longer to be able to start chemotherapy at an average period of nearly nine months for lower-income category women, and approximately six months for higher-income category women. According to researchers, these findings illustrate that for most Americans, any basic health insurance is a major let-down when they contract a serious illness. However, it was not clear as to the reason of women with high deductibles facing such long delays.

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