Raw Meat Exposes Dogs, Owners To High Infection Risk

As per common notions held by a majority of dog owners, feeding your pet dog a diet based on raw meat is a more natural and healthier alternative to making them consume commercially available synthetic pet food materials. However, researchers have recently issued a warning in a brand new published study that a majority of the products consisting raw meat meant for dogs that they conducted studies on, contain high bacteria levels which can potentially put both animals as well people at a major risk of infections.

The researchers had studied sixty frozen raw material packages which were used in manufacturing food for dogs. The manufacturers were based at UK, Finland, Norway and Germany. The samples were studied for bacteria which can have potential health threat. Out of all these packets, 31 packets were containing higher level of bacteria, exceeding the safe threshold that the EU European Union has set for maintaining safety standards. These bacteria included salmonella that was discovered in almost four packs, as well as campylobacter, which is a common form of bacteria causing food poisoning. Further, Clostridium perfringens, which is usually considered as an indicator of contamination arising from feces or poor standards of hygiene, was detected in about 18 samples.

These levels were found to vary widely within various manufacturers and also among products manufactured by the same firm.

As per the results arising from the study published in a leading journal on the Monday, it has been deemed “highly important” for owners to be handling any form of raw materials of dog food extremely carefully as well as maintaining good hygiene.

In addition, the researchers have said bacteria residing in juices emerging out of raw meat could potentially splash and eventually spread to more surfaces and foods. Consequently, dogs could end up transferring these harmful bacteria as they lick faces instantly after eating.

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