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Abigail Disney Advocates The Idea Of Taxing The Rich In The US

While addressing a press meet Abigail Disney said that most of the people working in corporate offices in the US are getting high remunerations. Abigail Disney is the heiress of Walt Disney which was given to her by her grandfather, Roy Disney. Abigail also commented on the pay of CEO’s stating that they are the ones who are being paid more than recommended.

Abigail Disney further stated that if the salary of a CEO is more than 500 times that of a median worker’s pay then one should consider that they are getting paid more than enough. She also said that not even Jesus Christ was more worthy of getting a pay 500 times higher than median workers remuneration.

Disney hasn’t commented whether Abigail Disney thinks that its own CEO is receiving more pay. In relation to the talk, the CEO of Walt Disney had agreed to cut short his annual payment by $13.5 million. Last year Mr. Igor, the CEO of Walt Disney was paid $65.6 million, the hefty increase in the pay was because his tenure had been exceeded to 2021 and he was also given a share for the rise in the stocks.

In the present year, Walt Disney has cut short his base salary by $500,000. Also the company is also planning to cut the bonus by $8 million and to reduce his incentive pay by $5 million. Now, Igor will be receiving $12 million as a cash bonus and $20 million as incentive pay.

Previously, Abigail Disney had stated that she’s planning to curtail the checks of CEO’s and also planning to take more tax from the rich people. While speaking to one of the news reporting agencies, Abigail Disney stated that the US has a system who favors wealthy people and this is the main cause why they aren’t charged hefty taxes.

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