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Pentagon Reviews Musk’s Security Clearance

Pentagon is supposedly reviewing the security clearance of Elon Musk. In the show of Joe Rogan in 2018, Musk smoked marijuana before appearing for the YouTube show and podcast. Due to this, he had to resubmit his application for security clearance. This application is also called the Sf-86. This was reported to by Bloomberg through a unanimous official of US.

The CNN received a stamen from an official of US, that the clearance status of an individual is not publicly discussed for security reasons. When SpaceX was approached for comments on this subject, they declined. Although inside sources from SpaceX, who do not wish to be named said that this incident has not disturbed the day to day activity of the company in any manner. Elon Musk who serves as the CEO and head of design for SpaceX founded the company back in 2002. The primary motive for the company was to reduce the cost involved in flights to space.

SpaceX had been awarded various national contracts back until last month. The company has been provided contracts that involve shipping cargo for NASA. They have also been given the contract of transporting a highly classified telecommunication satellite for the intelligence agencies. Recently, the company also demonstrating the first un-crewed space vehicle, the Dragon capsule, which is set to fly astronauts to space. The company believes that the capsule would be ready for boarding by the end of this summer and that the US no longer have to rely on Russia for manned flights.

It remains unknown as to how many missions of SpaceX actually involve the requirement of Elon Musk’s security clearance. The COO of the organization, Gwynne Shotwell, handles most of the everyday operations. In the US recreational smoking of Marijuana is legal in at least 10 states and the Washington DC, yet it remains barred under the federal law.

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