Volvo Limits Top Speed Of Its Cars To 112 Mph For Safety Reasons

Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is said to have decided to put a limit over the top speed of its cars. According to the resources, the company intends to put a speed limit over the cars for the safety of its passengers. The speed limit would enable the car to achieve a maximum speed of 112 mph. Volvo is known for its astonishing focus over the safety factors in the cars as a part of which it has decided to limit the top speed of its cars to 112mph in an attempt to minimize the road accidents due to over speeding. The company has released an official statement in which it has said that the cars will be able to achieve a maximum speed of 180 kmph.

The statement revealed by the company also says that the company is making several attempts to bring in some innovative technology owing to which it would be able to put much harsher speed limits over the cars that drive by the hospital as well as school areas. There are several cars in the market which can cruise at a speed much more than 150mph; going further,  a couple of manufacturers provide high powered variants which make those cars achieve a speed much higher than this.

Volvo is usually seen to be taking up several initiatives for spreading out the awareness regarding the road safety. It has even set a target of achieving a milestone of zero deaths or critical injuries for the passengers which travel around in Volvo cars. It has been reported that the company is aiming at achieving this milestone till the year 2020. The company has also said that, making efforts just on the manufacturer’s side is not sufficient for achieving this milestone, efforts from the driver’s side are also important as the driver behavior is what plays an ultimate role on the roads while driving.

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