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Samuel LucasSamuel Lucas

(Category: Technology department)

Samuel Lucas has a Master’s Degree in Information Technology. He also has a well experience of 8 years. It is this his this experience and technical knowledge in this field that has led ZMR Industry Journal to appoint him as the head of Technology department. He also trains a team of freshers. In his leisure time, Samuel can survive with a bucket of chicken wings, a couple of friends and bottles of beer, and a Netflix subscription

Email Id:- samuel.l@zmrindustryjournal.us

Phone No:- +1 256-739-8521

Personal Email Id :- lucassamuel98@gmail.com

Personal Phone No:- +1 256-283-7094

Colleen VroomanColleen Vrooman


(Category: Science department)

With a certification in Astronomy, Colleen Vrooman is the person that heads the Science department. She has a total experience of 6 years in this industry. Even though Colleen manages the department and trains the employees to write the Space-related news, she is forever ready to contribute for writing in spite of her busy schedule. While not working for ZMR Industry Journal, Colleen spends most part of her free time with her friends playing snookers and cleaning her stick.

Email Id:- colleen.v@zmrindustryjournal.us

Phone No:- +1 256-164-7391

Personal Email Id:- colleenvrooman869@yahoo.com

Personal Phone No:- +1 256-810-7509

Brad HolbrookBrad Holbrook


(Category: Business department )

When it comes to numbers and share market, Brad Holbrook is the right person to contact. He has a done MBA in Finance and also bags an experience of 5+ years in the industry. In addition to, he also looks after the accounts at ZMR Industry Journal. It is obvious from all these facts that Brad looks after the Business department. In his free time Brad tells that he loves to spend time with his wife and wishes to go to Maldives on long vacation.

Email Id:- brad.h@zmrindustryjournal.us

Phone No:- +1 256-306-2078

Personal Email Id:- brad.holbrook@gmail.com

Personal Phone No:- +1 256-508-1034

Ashley JohnsonAshley Johnson


(Category: Health department)

Ashley Johnson has a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicines. With an experience of more than 4 years, she has a good reputation at ZMR Industry Journal and is known for her punctuality. With no doubt, Ashley is the perfect choice to spearhead the Health department. It is she who looks after each published article in this domain. Even the slightest change must be approved by her. In her free time, Ashley will be seen playing and cuddling with her dog, who she loves than anybody else.

Email Id:- ashley.j@zmrindustryjournal.us

Phone No:- +1 256-772-3641

Personal Email Id:- ashleyjohnson01@gmail.com

 Personal Phone No:- +1 256-888-9043

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